A Reason to Smile Again With All-On-4 Dental Implants

More than 35 million people in America are missing all of their upper and lower teeth. Rather than living with the discomfort, many people are opting for all-on-4 dental implants

What are All-On-4 Dental Implants?

All-On-4 Dental Implants are the solution for one of the many things we must face as aging adults. The fact that we become more prone to losing our teeth with age is just unavoidable.

Tooth loss is very common when we start to age, particularly when we don’t properly care for our pearly whites throughout the years.

You might not be able to get back your natural teeth, but even so, there are alternatives to regain a brand new smile.

All-On-4 dental implants are the safest and more efficient solution to this problem.

What are the benefits of getting All-On-4 dental implants in Tijuana?

Improved appearance: When you lose the entire tooth – crown and root – shrinkage of the jawbone may cause your face to look older. Dental implants can help to prevent this happening. A traditional denture or dental bridge doesn’t provide this benefit.

Improved function: With implant supported teeth you will be able to eat what you like and enjoy your food again, comfortably and confidently.

Permanent solution: The dental implant bridge is stable and comfortable. Unlike a denture, it will cause no discomfort or embarrassment. No adjustment is needed after placement, usually an implant will serve you for life.

When dental implants are used in combination with modern restorative dentistry their appearance, comfort and function are very likely to exceed your expectations. Often they are hard to tell apart from your natural teeth. Following a brief adaptation period, chewing capacity is comparable to that of natural teeth.

Prices of Dentist in Tijuana, Mexico

Treatment Price ListTijuanaUSA
Root Canal$295$1250
Dental Implants$1600$6000
Porcelain Crown$549$2500
Root Canal$2500$1500
Regular Cleaning$79$180
Evaluation and X-Rays$75$150
All on 4 Dental Implants$68001500
Tooth Filling$60$280
PFM Crown$329$750
Dental Veneers$449$1780
Bone Graft$399$1240
Sinus Lift$1499$2950
Abutment Placement$399$1250


**These are estimated prices, not the standard.

How Much Do All On 4 Dental Implants Cost?

The cost for All-On-Four dental implants in the U.S. averages between $25,000 to $30,000 per arch. Prices vary depending on the dental practice of your choosing. Besides, said prices are only for placing the implants. Other costs for bone graft or sinus lifts need to be considered. Dental implants cost in mexico is lower than in the U.S. because of a lower cost of living. More importantly, you don’t sacrifice quality.

More often than not, dental insurances think that dental implants are an unnecessary procedure or an elective one. First of all, this is an outdated idea, since patients and dentists are more likely to choose dental implants over other methods as a standard of care to replace missing teeth.

Although most dental insurances do not pay or cover the total costs for dental implant procedures, some of them may help you pay for the crown. However, that depends on the type of insurance you have.

As a dental practice in Tijuana that operates with a U.S. licensed dentist, it’s imperative that we accept PPO dental insurance. Additionally, we have a significant amount of PPO insurance companies we are affiliated with that can give you the service you deserve.

U.S. Licensed Dentistry at Mexico Prices

You can get dental implants in Mexico by the only American licensed dentist and saving over 75% on any dental service

Will All-On-4 dental implants work for me?

Anyone who is missing teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay may be a candidate for dental implants. Whatever your age, if you are medically fit to undergo a general oral surgical procedure, for example, a tooth extraction, dental implants are a possibility for you.

Your general health is an important factor in achieving a successful outcome for implant treatment; your dentist will discuss this at your first appointment.

Using a dental CT scan, your dentist will determine your suitability by assessing the breadth, depth, and density of your bone at the positions in your mouth where the implants will be placed.

If you have a condition that may interfere with the healing process of either bone or soft tissue (e.g. connective tissue disorder, steroid therapy, bone infection), you will be particularly carefully assessed for suitability, and fully informed of the implications.

Is age a barrier to get All-On-4 dental implants?

Occasionally, older patients express concern that their age may prevent them from enjoying the benefits of dental implants.

However, health is more of a determining factor than age. This refers to the state your jawbone is, if it’s too deteriorated, a bone graft might be required. This will make the process a little bit longer.

Disadvantages of All-on-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 dental implants have worked for many people, but they may not be best for you. Some dentists dissuade patients from choosing All-on-4 dental implants for the following reasons:

  • When teeth are all placed on the same day, you will not be able to test the teeth for their appearance, comfort, or bite.
  • All-on-4 dental implants cannot be placed in the molar areas of the mouth where bite force is greatest.
  • It demands a high level of bone to hold implants in place.

It’s important to understand both sides of this treatment option, yet only your dentist can tell you if All-on-4 dental implants are the ideal way for you to replace missing teeth.

What is the procedure and how long will it take?

All-On-4 dental implants have a success rate of 98%, according to recent studies by the AACD. With this technique, only four implants per arch get used. The implants consist of titanium like screws that get placed into the jawbone. These serve as a foundation for your future teeth.

The process starts with a visit to the dentist to examine the actual state of your mouth. Also, your jaw needs to be in good condition for the procedure. However, if the jawbone is not strong enough to hold the titanium screws, there might be some bone grafting or sinus lift required.

When your jaw is ready, the implant then gets placed. Additionally, the recovery time might be between two to six months. Also, we provide you with temporary teeth during this time.


Recovery time varies depending on each patient. This time allows for bonding between your bone and the titanium implants, which serve as the anchors for artificial teeth. Another part of the process consists of getting an abutment – a connecting device that gets to be in charge of holding the new teeth.

When you have the implants and abutments in place, a bridge or crown will be created for you. Finally, the new artificial teeth will attach to the implants.

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