Dental tourism

Dental Tourism

Medical tourism is one of the main reasons Tijuana receives a lot of visitors over the year.

High costs of living and services combined with an inadequate (or even none) insurance coverage for dental treatments are the truth that many people face. It is in their best interest to take an alternative route to take care and preserve a perfect smile on their face.

Do not think twice, the path to a healthy smile is just around the corner!

Multiple factors influence a tourist’s decision, the main ones being:


Save from 50 to 70% of total costs

Prices for dental treatments in Tijuana are highly affordable. A dental tourist can save from 50 to 70% of total costs (lodging, travel expenses and medication included). Costs of living of this city and lower prices in lower-state facilities attribute to this factor.

Skilled dentists

Dentists at Tijuana are exceptionally trained

Since this town is so close to San Diego, one of the largest cities in the US, dentists at Tijuana are exceptionally trained to compete with their neighboring colleagues. Also, they are constantly upgrading their knowledge on the field.

Advanced technology

Dentists offer high-tech procedures

Plenty of Tijuana-based dentists offer high-tech procedures, pairing with the technological advances not only in the largest cities in Mexico but matching technologies found around the biggest cities in the world.


Tijuana has an international airport and a highly transited border

There are different points of access to the city. Tijuana has an international airport and a highly transited border, for driving visitors. Also, San Diego Airport is within 20 minutes of driving distance to Tijuana, and many shuttles services are being offered for the traveler’s convenience.