Tijuana is a multicultural and dynamic city which welcomes tourists from all around the world.

With more than 100 years of age, it keeps progressing every day, becoming bigger and stronger.


Tijuana was founded on July 11th of 1889.

At the beginning of the XX century, the newly established city of Tijuana had over 200 inhabitants. Later, around 1920’s the city became highly popular among US citizens and Hollywood stars thanks to the Agua Caliente Casino and Resort due to the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, carried out by the Volstead Act, that prohibited drinking, gambling, and horse racing from 1920 through the 1930’s.

At mid-1930’s, President Lázaro Cárdenas banned gambling in Mexico, so this Casino Resort went out of service, and its installations were donated to Secretaria de Educación Pública and shortly after became an educational complex, which still exists and has been crucial in the formation of many young citizens of Tijuana. Soon after, recreational tourism changed during the following years: what it used to be a nightclub-predominant tourism, it modified for a more familiar one. It set the structure for a more stable tourism industry.

The city’s growth has become imminent over the past years. A high migrant flow from other towns of Mexico and even other countries has made of Tijuana a dynamic and diverse city. Also, it has the appropriate infrastructure to welcome thousands of tourists, like an International Airport, five-star hotels, multiple ways of transportation, museums, and plenty attractions.

What to visit

Tijuana has a lot of great attractions for an unforgettable trip. If visiting Tijuana for the first time, these are some of the things every tourist should do while in the city:

Go to Cecut. You can catch a play, dance recital or a concert at Cecut’s theater or attend one of the many local, national and international art exhibitions at its museum. If you’re into cinema, you can catch an art film at La Cineteca. There are movie projections at the OMNIMAX Theater, locally known as La Bola. For nature lovers, there’s a botanical garden and an aquarium that features over 500 specimens of different regions of the world.

Take a walk at El Malecon and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere given by the sea.

Visit Playas de Tijuana, Visit Plaza Monumental, one of the last bull-fighting rings on the country; if you’re in luck, you can catch a concert there. Catch a breathtaking sunset while drinking coffee in one of the many local shops just a few feet away from the seashore. Also, get a glimpse at the end of the border between US and Mexico.

Is a must on a travelers list; this street has always been one of the most visited ones.

A walk by El Centro, The magic starts at Plaza Santa Cecilia, where you can listen to mariachi music, to end up in Jai Alai for a piece of history of the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go even further down the street and visit the Wax Museum. Stop for a photo at El Arco, and buy some souvenirs down the street. Eat a traditional Caesar Salad at the place where it was created. You can visit Pasaje Rodríguez and Pasaje Revolución for a taste of youth culture that has been redefining the city.

There’s also fun for the sports fans that visit Tijuana

Go team, Depending on the season, tourists can enjoy a soccer match from Xolos, the local team, at Estadio Caliente; go to the baseball at Estadio Gasmart and root for Toros; or attend to the Auditorium and watch the Zonkeys, Tijuana's basketball team, in full action.

Tijuana has been gaining notoriety around the globe thanks to its culinary variety.

A city of flavors: There’s a phrase that goes like “Keep Tijuana Tasty”, and the city does not disappoint; there are options for every foodie out there. You can visit 5-star restaurants and eat from a menu designed by renowned chefs, like Javier Plascencia or Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, creator of the Baja-Med fusion cuisine. Food trucks that have been revolutionizing urban gastronomy, as well. A visitor can go to Food Garden, Telefónica Gastro Park, Bunker, Colectivo 9, and many others that reflect Tijuana’s diverse population. Besides trendy foods, traditional Mexican food is a must; tacos especially.

Tijuana has been gaining notoriety around the globe thanks to its culinary variety.

Enjoy Tijuana’s nightlife: Tijuana comes alive at night! There are plenty of bars that a tourist can visit and will adapt to their needs and preferences. Also, the city has become the home of several craft breweries which have gained national and international notoriety. Also, you can find one of the most famous dance places in Latin-America; Las Pulgas. Whatever you choose to do, the fun is guaranteed. · Mercado Hidalgo. Mexican tradition lies at Mercado Hidalgo. This market got created at mid-1950’s, and since its origins, it has been offering fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, natural products and Mexican crafts, along with food representative of different parts of the country. · Go even further! There are many other attractions outside Tijuana in the neighboring cities. A tourist can engage in numerous adventures around the state of Baja to make the best of their trip. For example, visitors can go to the Wine Country at Ensenada, famously know for their wine produce and Mediterranean-like vibe. For food, a tourist can eat fresh lobster at Puerto Nuevo. For nature lovers, people can take a hike at the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, and if they’re in luck can even go to the Observatory located there; go camping at Rio Hardy at Mexicali; or go sand-diving at Mexicali’s dunes. And all of these are just a few examples of how diverse is Baja California.

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