We Need to Talk About 007 Daniel Craig’s Knocked Out Teeth

Let's Talk About How 007 Daniel Craig Knocked Out His Teeth

Since 2006, actor Daniel Craig has assumed the role of the iconic James Bond. He’s delivered five successful films, all of which are packed with the action and drama that the franchise is known for.

But at what cost? 


Because the new movie “No Time To Die” is here, I couldn’t help but dive into Daniel Craig’s teeth news. 

How Did Daniel Craig Knock Out His Teeth?

How Did Daniel Craig Knock Out His Teeth?

As most likely you already know, there are plenty of crazy action scenes in these movies, which naturally will require double stunts. 

However, actor Daniel Craig decided to go all in. He does pretty much most of his action stunts.  

According to the magazine Sunday Mirror, Craig knocked out his two front teeth while filming Casino Royale in 2006, yes, his first time as James Bond!

What a way to start, right?

“He put his hand to his mouth, but the blood started to seep through his fingers—it was horrible, he did not make a fuss though.”

Since there’s no way the legendary James Bond can have a gap in his front teeth, they flew his dentist in from London to replace Daniels Craig’s teeth as soon as possible.

He now wears a protective shield during every combat sequence. And quite honestly, props to the actor for enduring the pain like a champ. Knocked-out teeth can hurt really bad. 

How To Fix Knocked Out Teeth?

How To Fix Knocked Out Teeth?

Let’s understand first what happens when you knock out a tooth. First, the nerves, blood vessels, and supporting tissues get damaged.

The sockets left from the teeth will all require a root canal since the nerves and blood vessels cannot be restored. 

However, the teeth can reattach to the bone when you put them back in.

It is easier to save a tooth for young children than for adults, but it’s still possible.

After a tooth is knocked out, it is critical to see a dentist right away and avoid any extra damage.

Daniel did very well in getting his dentist to see him ASAP. To increase the chances of saving a tooth, you can follow these tips.

  1. When handling the tooth, try not to get your hands on the part of the tooth under the gum (root), as it can break pretty easily. 
  2. If the tooth is got dirty, rinse it with milk or water while holding it by the upper part. And don’t use a washcloth, shirt, or other fabric to dry it because you can damage the tooth.
  3. You must keep the tooth wet at all times. If you can’t place it in milk, you can place it between your cheek and gum. The most crucial thing is to keep the tooth wet.
  4. You can also try slipping the tooth back into its socket. In many cases, it will slip right in. Make sure it’s facing the right way. And if it doesn’t fit, don’t force it and get to the dentist as soon as you can!

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

I don’t really know if Daniel Craig could reattach his natural teeth, but in case that’s not possible, one of the best solutions to recover your lost teeth is dental implants. 

Dental implant surgery is the most modern, natural-feeling process to replace missing teeth.

It involves the replacement of tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts, and dental crowns that look and function similarly to natural teeth. 

Implants are an alternative to dentures or bridges that can be uncomfortable over time. 

It can also be a good option when there aren’t enough natural teeth roots to make dentures or bridges. 

However, to get dental implants, you do have to check the boxes of a small list. The main requirement is to have enough bone mass in your jawline. 

You must speak with a dentist to get a general evaluation and determine if this is the right procedure to replace your teeth.

Dental implants in Tijuana are now one of the most advanced procedures. By utilizing computer-guided technology, the Tijuana dentists can give you a quick diagnosis and procedure.

Knocked-out teeth can happen to anyone, including James Bond! So don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to find a highly-skilled, affordable dentist. 

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