Bad Breath Remedies: How Can I Permanently Get Rid of Bad Breath?

bad breath remedies

Bad breath is a daily struggle for thousands of people worldwide, whether because of a condition or simply because they forgot to brush before going to bed. There are many causes for this problem. But the most common is forgetting to brush after meals or thinking of brushing and flossing as an afterthought.

The very definition of bad breath or as dental surgeons may refer to as halitosis. Halitosis occurs when a foul smell comes out of the individual’s mouth for various reasons, one of them being a chronic condition.

Other reasons, such as the diet the individual may follow, as the food a person eats can also lead to bad breath, diseases, very little to no oral hygienic habits, among other reasons.

Many may view bad breath as a preventable yet straightforward problem that can be solved by chewing gum, drinking water, and other inexpensive solutions like brushing and flossing correctly and adjusting your diet.

But for others, bad breath is a daily struggle because of bad habits like consuming tobacco related products or alcohol, which also lead to bad breath. Before jumping to any conclusions, you can visit a dentist in Tijuana or your doctor to review your breath’s current state to diagnose any causes. In most cases, your dentist will first smell your breath, followed by smelling the breath of your nose.

After this task has been completed, your dentist or doctor will provide you with information about their diagnosis of whether they may relate the odor coming from your breath to poor oral hygiene or a chronic condition. Bad breath remedies do exist around your home and can help reduce bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath?


Many factors cause bad breath daily; the following are examples of conditions or habits we may be struggling with that lead to this dilemma.

  • Morning breath: Ah yes, the infamous morning breath is a struggle millions of people go through when trying to start their day. Our organism’s saliva production reduces by well over half of its regular production; your mouth will then develop bacteria that generate bad breath.
  • Medications: Consuming prescribed medications or medicine can cause bad breath as many contain formulas that are made up of diuretics, causing your mouth to dry up.
  • Diet: Certain foods we consume are the primary cause of bad breath. Many of those sugary beverages or salt-filled snacks accumulate between our teeth and over our tongue, accumulating bad breath bacteria that leave a long-lasting smell that is very unpleasant for many people.
  • Dentures: Using dentures or having braces can also create a foul odor when not cleaned properly.
  • Oral Infections: Infectious bacteria come in many forms, but it can accumulate and generate oral plaque, leading to bad breath.
  • Dry mouth: Having a dry mouth can also be a key factor for having bad breath or, as dental surgeons may refer to xerostomia.
  • Health issues: Individuals that struggle with health issues may also suffer from bad breath as many conditions such as diabetes or tonsil stones are digestive problems the human body tries to fight off   
  • Tobacco based products: Any consumption regarding tobacco-related products such as chewing tobacco leave remains in our mouths. Smoking can also develop bad breath, or in a worst-case scenario, oral cancers, among other diseases, generate lousy breath as these products contain harmful chemicals.

These are some of the leading causes of bad breath; seeking help from your local dentist can help you solve any questions or concerns you may still have. Other forms of bad breath can develop in a person’s lungs or airways that may accumulate harmful bacteria leading to bad breath.

Top 5 Remedies: How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Fast at Home?

stop smoking

 According to research studies trusted Sources, poor oral care and hygiene are the most common causes of bad breath, as mentioned earlier in this article. So, we have some tips that can help reduce bad breath naturally, including the following top five tips: 

1.- Use mouthwash! Constantly rinsing your mouth can freshen your breath, but that isn’t enough; try carrying a dental travel kit with you to always be ready. There are many mouthwash products available; make sure the one you purchase fights off nasty germs.

2.- Clean your tongue; your tongue is at risk of accumulating bacteria that generates bad breath. Foods that contain garlic or onions increase the probability of having bad breath afterward. Brushing your teeth will not remove this odor. That is why you should avoid them before meeting up with friends or family.

3.- Avoid all tobacco products no matter how low the tobacco percentage in the product may be; stay away from them at all costs; smoking can also damage your gums, teeth, and most important of all, bad breath.

5.- Drinking natural tea and lots of water can prevent your mouth from drying up as it’ll moisten the mouth, chewing gum is also recommended as mints contain lots of sugar, and boy does your bacteria in your mouth adore sugar. Other natural remedies like chewing on parsley or mint can be useful.

Key players to avoid bad breath are persistently brushing and flossing. If these bad breath remedies don’t work, no matter how much effort you invest in this simple task, you should have a one-on-one conversation with your dentist and opt for scheduling an appointment with your local dental clinic.

Brushing and flossing can optimize your overall oral health and prevent bad breath. If you brush incorrectly, you might leave trapped food in between your teeth, causing bad breath. Bad breath cannot be eliminated but can be reduced or partially eliminated if you follow these tips.

Dental travel kits are recommended as these suit all of your dental needs at any moment of the day. Remember to see your dentist regularly because there is nothing better than preventive oral care to reduce dental problems in the future.

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