Crown Lengthening for Gummy Smiles

what is crown lengthening

If you don’t know what is crown lengthening, or you’re thinking about getting it, keep on reading. Here I’ll explain all you need to know. 

Just as some people’s smile is affected by gum recession that makes their teeth look much longer, others have the reverse issue.

They have gums that protrude too far from the teeth, resulting in a “gummy” smile and the appearance of smaller teeth than usual.

This can also affect your self-esteem and impact the way you socialize with other people. It might not make you feel as confident as you should be. 

To help you get the smile you want, we offer a crown lengthening procedure. The surgery involves removing a small amount of gum tissue, bone, or both.

Some people seek this treatment for cosmetic reasons, while others need it as a therapeutic solution to expose any decaying or fractured teeth under the gums. 

There’s no need to keep a smile that makes you feel bad about yourself. As Tijuana dentists, we are happy to assist with any oral health and cosmetic dental needs you have. 

 Let’s dive into why you might need crown lengthening and what other things you should consider when getting this treatment!

Do I Really Need Crown Lengthening?

Do I Really Need Crown Lengthening?

As I mentioned before, you might just want to lengthen your teeth for cosmetic purposes. However, if your teeth aren’t in the best shape, this may also be a necessary procedure. 

Here are some of the reasons why you might need a crown lengthening:   

  • If you have a short tooth with significant deterioration beneath the gum line.
  • If you have a tooth that has broken and fractured under the gum.
  • If it’s necessary to have better access to your teeth, the crown lengthening surgery might reduce the level of bone and gum tissue.

When your tooth has severe decay or it’s broken, there’s less healthy dental material to work with. This may affect the chances of your tooth repair being successful. 

Crown lengthening exposes more of that healthy dental surface, which will help to create an anchor for restorative treatments like dental crowns, veneers, and more.

How is Crown Lengthening Done?

How is Crown Lengthening Done?

For starters, who performs crown lengthening?

To get this treatment, you can get in touch with a dentist in Tijuana, Mexico. We’ll connect you with a reliable periodontist to carry out your surgery.

Once you have a periodontist, you can have a consultation with them to assess what is the best way to perform the operation.

 At this point, they’ll determine whether only gum contouring or jaw reshaping is required. This will also affect how long the surgery is going to be.

Depending on the level of complexity and the length of the procedure, your periodontist will use a local anesthetic and maybe a sedative. 

Usually, if there’s no need to touch the bone, crown lengthening goes pretty much like this:

  1. The periodontist cuts the gums to remove them away from the teeth, revealing the roots and bone underneath
  2. Before suturing, the periodontist will clean the operative area with saltwater.
  3. They sew your gums back together and cover the area with gauze for extra protection.

Although it might take you up to three months to recover completely, most patients can resume their daily activities within a few days. 

If you have any swelling and soreness after the surgery, that’s pretty common. You can manage it with over-the-counter pain medications and cold packs.

How Much is Crown Lengthening?

How Much is Crown Lengthening?

To calculate the cost of a crown lengthening procedure, you have to take into account different factors, such as:

  • number of teeth you want to lengthen
  • the location where you’re getting the procedure done

The removal of excess gum around one tooth costs around $350 in the U.S. You can expect to spend over $1000 for the full procedure.

When it comes to insurance, it all depends on the company. However, insurances will more likely cover a crown lengthening for restorative reasons than for cosmetic ones.

If this seems a little too much from your budget, consider visiting a dentist in Tijuana. You can save up to 75% in your surgery and still get stunning results. 

Don’t just dream about transforming your smile. Make it happen, and contact us today! Give us a call or fill out the contact form for more information on how to begin your journey to a beautiful smile.


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