The quality of a porcelain dental crown in Tijuana is exceptional.

You Can Get a Same Day Dental Crown In Tijuana

To fully understand what a dental crown is, first we need to understand that these prosthetic devices are different from dentures and they are cemented onto an existing tooth.

This means that they are not a dental implant. Also, your dentist is the only person who can remove a dental crown.

This means that you can’t and don’t need to take them off to clean them.

Dentists use crowns to entirely cover a damaged tooth providing a good appearance, alignment, and shape.

Crowns can also be placed on a dental implant to provide the final touch to this procedure giving a tooth-like structure and functionality.

To make crowns, dentists use porcelain or ceramic that match the color of a natural tooth.

Other types of materials including metal alloys, acrylic or gold, can be used on crowns, but people often prefer porcelain which can be a little bit more expensive than metal alloys that are stronger.

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Common Reasons You May Need a Dental Crown

They’re one of the most common restorations in the dentistry.

If you are traveling to a Tijuana dental office for one or more crowns, you need to know first if you need them. A dentist may recommend you a dental crown when a large filling isn’t enough to cover a damaged tooth.

So, a crown can work to replace this filling where isn’t enough enamel remaining.

They can recommend a crown to restore a broken tooth or to protect it from fracturing. In dentistry, dentists use them also to attach a bridge.

Dentists may prescribe you a dental bridge when you have a missing tooth. Losing one or more teeth eventually can cause the remaining teeth to move around and shift to the gaps that the lost teeth left.

When the remaining teeth move around it can lead to more significant problems like gum diseases or TMJ disorders (Temporomandibular Joint) and also resulting in a bad bite.

To cement dental bridges or crowns, your dentist will use a special technique, and after this, it’s done, the only person who can remove them would be he or she.

Your dentist in Tijuana can perform this procedure without any problem.

They can also recommend what it’s the best treatment for you and what type of material would be better for your teeth and your smile. Base on your needs and the location of the missing teeth, the color, location and functionality they can determinate what kind of process you need.

How Tijuana Dentists Make Dental Crowns?

Once they finish the work, you will enjoy a new smile.

Some people are afraid of a tooth crown because they don’t know what to expect as a result of this procedure. They are so scared because dentists will reduce the size of their teeth so the crown can fit over them properly.

This idea terrifies some patients since this process it’s irreversible. Once dentists reduce the tooth, it is done, and it can’t be the same it was before ever again.

Well, if you are in good hands you don’t have something to worry about. In Tijuana are capable of performing very well this and other kinds of dental procedures.

Tijuana Dentist Work

After the reduction of your tooth (or teeth), the specialist will take an impression of it or them to make a custom-made crown providing an exact mold.

So, they use these impressions in a dental lab with the right materials and the proper conditions. The dentist can probably use a temporary crown to cover the tooth while the permanent is in the lab being made.

Once the crown is ready to be put in place, then remove the temporary cover, and your brand new crown will be in place.

So, don’t be afraid of the results because once they finish the work, you will enjoy a new smile.

What is the Cost of a Dental Crown in Tijuana?

You Can Save Up a 75% on Dental Crowns in Tijuana

The price can be an inhibitory factor for many people in the United States. The cost always depends on the materials to make the crown, and in Tijuana, the cost differs significantly from Canada and US prices, $1,000 to USD 1,500 per tooth crown.

Your dentists in Tijuana can help you offering affordable prices for you and fantastic quality. Also, some dental offices in Tijuana can provide shuttle services just to give you a better experience.

The city has international visitors every day due to the increase in dental and medical tourism.

The city is also a great choice to have family vacations. You can find the typical outdoor activities in Rosarito and Ensenada such as horse- riding, fishing, campaign, and surfing.

Just a fantastic way to relax after your dental procedures.

In Tijuana, you will find quality, technology, and professional dentistry. Dentist in Tijuana can provide an excellent dental work in no time. Make your decision today and begin to improve your smile.

 Treatment Price List Tijuana USA
 Titanium Implant $700 $2250
 Abutment Placement $380 $1250
 Crown for Implant $549 $2500
 Sinus Lift $1100 $2290
 Bone Graft $395 $895
 Tooth Extraction $125 $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays $75 $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants $5999 $11500
 Root Canal $300 $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post $100 $265

** These are estimated prices, not the standard.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dentures are Completely Different from Implants

As every dental procedure after it is ready you will need to take care of it just to prevent some issues and make them last more.

They sometimes can fall out or lose a little bit, but with proper maintenance, they may even last a lifetime. You can practice good oral hygiene to ensure the longevity of a tooth crown. This is the most important advice!

You know how to take care of your dental crowns. Make sure of brushing very well your teeth at least twice a day and if you can, use fluoride toothpaste once in a while and don’t forget to floss too. Remember that despite it is a fake tooth, it needs the same care as a real one.

Also, go to see your Tijuana dentist regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups to prevent any gum disease, tooth decay and other kinds of dental issues.

Prevention’s the key to give an excellent treat to your teeth. Plus, keep in mind that you must watch your habits like smoking and the food you eat. Avoid chewing hard candies, ice or foods to prevent damage to your new crowns.

Dentists use crowns as a very effective way to restore a damaged tooth. It has different advantages when you compare them with other alternatives of restoration.

But, of course, it has its disadvantages too that you should know before you make your decision. But it is a pretty good decision to make. Regardless some disadvantages that a tooth crown could have, they are a great long-term solution.

The sealing ability of the all-porcelain crown depends on the filling materials and the quality of the underlying tooth, according to the American Dental Association , whereas the other three provide particularly good seals against leakage.

Durability is best in the gold and metal alloys crowns, whereas the all-porcelain crown tends to be less strong, more susceptible if it is put under enough pressure (if you grind your teeth at night, this may pose a problem).

By contrast, the crown of porcelain fused to metal offers better durability. Both porcelain-based crowns are highly resistant to wear, but they can quickly aggravate opposing teeth if the adjacent surface becomes rough.

Incidentally, the gold and metal alloys are resistant to wear and gentle on opposing teeth at the same time.

Though they sometimes become loose or fall out, crowns can last a lifetime if properly maintained. The best way to achieve this is through proper oral health. Brushing and flossing twice a day is your go-to methods of keeping your teeth healthy every morning and night.


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Keyta A

So for all those thinking about having procedures done in Tijuana, do your research and know what you are getting into before you go. Check the reviews, it helps me!

Bree W.

I did research on many places in Mexico and very happy I chose Trust Dental care. Dr. Nava and his team were very professional and used the same US materials that I was quotes at 3x the price.

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Fast, efficient, modern & reliable! Highly recommend this group for cost savings in a very modern office! English spoken & I do recommend!

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