The quality of dental implants in Mexico are exceptional.

If You are Getting Dental Implant: What Should You Expect?

Dental implants in Tijuana are the most common solution to replace the loss of one or more teeth.

The implants are surgically placed into the jawbone of patients acting as a natural tooth.

After dentist place a crown on the implant, this new brand tooth it’s ready to feel and function like a real one.

Cosmetic dentistry uses this method to restore missing teeth, giving patients the chance to smile again. People from all over the world are coming to Tijuana to get dental implants.

This procedure involves a small surgery to attach an individual or a group of dental implants to patient’s jawbone.

Insurance companies don’t take responsibility for this kind of procedures. This means that patients run with all the charges.

Dental implants can be very expensive in the United States, and it can be worse if patients need more than one.

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What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Tijuana?

Dental implants are a Superior Method for Tooth Replacement

Implant surgery involves taking some X-Rays to know if patients are candidates for it. If the patient has suffered some gum or periodontal disease, the process can be even harder because a bone graft could be required. Which obviously increase the cost of the entire procedure.

Fortunately, in Tijuana, the prices are just a fraction that would it be in the United States. Just for you to have an idea, a dental implant in Tijuana could cost around USD 1,000 while in Canada or USA could cost USD 5,000 approximately.

The price’s absolutely one of the most important reasons for getting implants in the border. On the other hand, Tijuana has a great service and the quality of the dental equipment used in the Mexican dentistry.

If you are looking to improve your smile, Tijuana is the best options for you.

The Disadvantages of Dental Implants in Mexico

You can recover your smile without pain and fast.

One of the major issues with dental implants is the time needed to achieve the whole process.

The surgery can be done on the same day, but it takes time for the jawbone to accept the implant. Meanwhile, the tooth crown and the final details of the treatment will wait.

This means that patients need to come back, means the dentist can finish the work or they can have it done back in their home countries.

Tijuana Dentist Work

Plus, if you want to get them in your country, you will found out that this procedure it’s expensive and isn’t covered by your dental insurance. But keep in mind that if you decide to get dental implants in Mexico, the price will be affordable for you.

You can see it as an investment since dental implants may last forever if you take proper care of them. You can find this procure for a low-cost in several dental offices in the Mexican border of Tijuana. So, the investment will be even better.

Remember that implants are the best alternative for you since they are most closely to function, feel and look like natural teeth.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The High Prices in the US, Push Patients to Search for Alternatives

When people are looking for costs of dental implants, they often think that the final price includes the abutment and the porcelain crown.

Which can be included if your dentist makes a package for you. If not, the costs will be given individually.

This means that the implant has a single price and abutments and crowns have a separate cost.

Plus, take into account that probably you will pay for X-rays and scans because before any surgical procedure your dentist must find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Also, the dentist needs to be sure if you have healthy gums and anchor bones in your jaw.

Remember that since insurance companies see dental implants as a luxury, they will refuse to pay for them. Medicare will not pay for them either.

That means that patients must run will all the charges of having dental procedures like this one.

Probably they will take responsibility for scans and some X-Rays, but that’s it.

 Treatment Price List Tijuana USA
 Titanium Implant $700 $2250
 Abutment Placement $380 $1250
 Crown for Implant $549 $2500
 Sinus Lift $1100 $2290
 Bone Graft $395 $895
 Tooth Extraction $125 $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays $75 $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants $5999 $11500
 Root Canal $300 $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post $100 $265

** These are estimated prices, not the standard.

In some states of the USA, a tooth implant with a crown may costs as low as USD 1,500, if you are lucky. Because in other areas, the cost can be around USD 5,000 or more for a single tooth only.

Those prices don’t include any bone graft or gum work that is needed in some cases before any dental implant procedure.

The high prices push patients to search for alternatives. But there are not so many useful options. Some people don’t appreciate the value of their teeth until they lost them, and it is necessary to replace them due to a bunch of reasons.

Take into account that if you have space without a tooth, the other teeth will start to move to that space. This can lead to a lot of issues that can cost even more than the implant.

If you are looking for affordable prices in dentistry, you’ll find them in Tijuana. Thanks to the internet, you can find some wonderful places in the city to ask for a quote for dental implants.

You will be surprised by the prices; they are just a fraction that would it be in Canada, Germany or even the United States.

What About the Quality of Dental Care?

The Quality & Services in Mexico are Exceptional.

When someone tells you about the low prices in Mexico, the first thing that pops in your mind is that these affordable prices are due to the low quality in dental treatments, but the facts quite different than you think.

The quality of dental services in Mexico is exceptional.

It is very common to see a lot of Americans in cities like Tijuana to get multiple dental implants and other types of dental treatments that in most cases include surgeries.

For instance, for a full mouth restoration, you can get a quote of USD 40,000 in the United States, but you can get them done for about USD 16, 000 in Mexico, and the best part is that you will get them with the same professionalism and quality of American dentistry.


What Our Patients Say
Keyta A

So for all those thinking about having procedures done in Tijuana, do your research and know what you are getting into before you go. Check the reviews, it helps me!

Bree W.

I did research on many places in Mexico and very happy I chose Trust Dental care. Dr. Nava and his team were very professional and used the same US materials that I was quotes at 3x the price.

Herb B.

Fast, efficient, modern & reliable! Highly recommend this group for cost savings in a very modern office! English spoken & I do recommend!

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