Teeth whitening can help you to get rid of stains reducing the discoloration.

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With the past of the time, our teeth can get stains due to the intake of coffee, tea, sodas and even with the food we sometimes eat such as curry, spaghetti, barbecue, among others.

Fortunately, there is a solution to improve the way our teeth look. However, this is not a permanent solution.

You will need to repeat the treatment from time to time to keep the white and bright color.

So you might be wondering how to know when it is time to go to your Tijuana dentist and get it. Your dentist is the only person who can tell you the time between one session and another.

We all have different needs and habits. For example, a person who is a smoker probably won’t see the same results than a person who doesn’t smoke. Not only coffee can cause stains, but also energy drinks and candies.

So, if you have all those habits probably, you are going to reduce them a little bit and prepare yourself to have more than one session of teeth whitening per year.

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How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

They’re one of the most common restorations in the dentistry.

According to some studies, you can’t have more than two sessions per year. It would be better to reduce the intake of drinks that stain your teeth and quit smoking.

You can take a decision and star to make some changes in your habits if you want a beautiful smile.

Of course, that whitening will always bring remarkable results but is worthless if you don’t take care of what you drink or eat because the stains will be back sooner.

To get more information, you can set an appointment with your dentist in Tijuana, because you can find a lot of experts in the city that will explain to you what you need.

As I said before, everyone has different needs, and every person will receive the proper treatment for its specific case.

Do You Really Need a Teeth Whitening?

Small answer, yes.

With the past of the time, our teeth lose brightness and whiteness.

Plus, our daily habits can be a factor too.

Dark-colored beverages like coffee, red wine or tea can cause severe stains.

Patients that are embarrassing with their smiles are coming to Tijuana to get teeth whitening.

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A yellow smile can be a reason for us to feel embarrassed and cover our mouth when we are smiling, eating or laughing. We are afraid that other people see our smile because we are not comfortable with it.

A yellow spots in the teeth is the main reason for patients to get a teeth whitening.

Plus, whitening is an effective and safe procedure, it is non-invasive, and you can get it Tijuana for incredible prices.

If you are getting a teeth whitening in Tijuana for the first time in your life, it is normal for you to have questions.

One of these questions is what to do before getting the procedure to a dentist. Well, you can start with your overall health, you need to have a healthy mouth to have the treatment done. For instance, if you have one or more cavities, your dentist will need to remove them before the teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is not a solution for cavities, and untreated cavities will bring you a lot of problems.

That is why your dentist in Tijuana will explain to you why you should see him, and get rid of cavities before your whitening. So, first, you must see your dentist to treat other dental conditions you may have such as gum diseases and tooth decay.

Remember that whitening can cause sensibility in your teeth when you have receding gums or tooth decay. And if you are thinking that your teeth will shine as bright as the sun after getting the whitening, you maybe are wrong. You need to be realistic with the results you are going to get with this procedure.

Plus, teeth whitening doesn’t work on porcelain veneers or dental crowns. As any other dental procedure, probably you are eligible for the treatment, but you are not going to get the same results as other patients.

It is not like dentists are going to erase all your teeth problems with whitening, even when this procedure is effective and safe. Aging, lifestyle, and diet have a lot to do with the results, just keep that in mind.

As you can see, there are no specific instructions for you to follow before the whitening. After all, it is indeed a simple procedure.

How Much is the Cost for Teeth Whitening in Tijuana

You can save up a 75% on dental crowns in Tijuana

Influencers and beauty bloggers are taking Instagram and Youtube to upload videos showing how they get teeth whitening at home.

Believe me when I tell you that a lot of people are trying to be dentists at home.

Obviously, and even when there are some awesome products, you need to go to see a professional before a whitening either is at home or in-office procedure.

Since dental insurances see teeth whitening as a cosmetic procedure, they don’t have coverage for it.

So, you will pay for a dental whitening in the United States and Canada.

The average cost of a dental whitening in the United States is from USD 500 to 1,000

Now, don’t freak out, the price will depend on what kind of dental whitening are you going to get.

If it is deep bleaching probably, you are going to pay a little bit more. In Tijuana, you can find this service in around USD 299, and we are talking about the major whitening procedure.

 Treatment Price List Tijuana USA
 Titanium Implant $700 $2250
 Abutment Placement $380 $1250
 Crown for Implant $549 $2500
 Sinus Lift $1100 $2290
 Bone Graft $395 $895
 Tooth Extraction $125 $295
 Evaluation and X-Rays $75 $150
 All on 4 Dental Implants $5999 $11500
 Root Canal $300 $1250
 Pre-Fabricated Post $100 $265
Composite Filling $85 $270
Zirconium Crowns $475 $1495

** These are estimated prices, not the standard.

Products for teeth whitening at home can have high costs. So, I recommend seeing your dentist. It would be better, and you are going to receive proper information about the health of your teeth.

Consider that if you didn’t get dental cleanings lately, you probably are going to need the teeth cleaning first. Dentists can’t perform whitening if you have tartar and plaque buildups.

To provide an excellent service, dentists in Tijuana suggest cleanings before the whitening. So, they mostly have packages to offer you both procedures at attractive prices.

Take into account that if you feel your teeth too sensitive after the teeth cleaning, you have great chances of not be able to have your whitening in the same consultation.

Dos and Don’ts After Teeth Whitening

Don’t drink black drinks and foods that can cause stains.

Like I said before if you haven’t this procedure done in the past you are going to have doubts about it.

We are not dealing with a brain surgery here, so you don’t need to worry about rest. A dental whitening performed in a dental office commonly takes one hour approximately.

An hour is the estimated time to finish a whitening, but if you need the cleaning or if you have cavities your consultation will take more time than the expected.

Plus, it also depends on how severe are the stains on your teeth. The time will also depend on how stains respond to the procedure.

The follow-up is very easy. Usually, your dentist will recommend reducing the intake of drinks and foods that can cause stains. You need to follow these rules to keep a healthy smile. However, if you are a rule breaker just keep in mind that you can eventually lose the great results of the teeth whitening sooner.

Plus, if you are a smoker, you have more chances to stain your teeth. Since the whitening is not a one-time treatment, you need to avoid bad dental habits to keep the results the most time possible.

If you take care of your teeth, the results of this treatment can last more than seven months. The whiteness and bright will begin to fade after the first month if you don’t stop smoking and if you have a bad diet.

Your habits can be the main factor for you to stain your teeth. It is up to you taking care of them just to achieve your mission.

Remember that you smile is your business card and it is important to our dentists in Tijuana for you to have a fantastic smile that can blind anyone.

Just take care of your teeth by brushing them at least twice a day, avoid dark-colored food and drinks as long as you can and please stop smoking, it is bad for your overall health.


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So for all those thinking about having procedures done in Tijuana, do your research and know what you are getting into before you go. Check the reviews, it helps me!

Bree W.

I did research on many places in Mexico and very happy I chose Trust Dental care. Dr. Nava and his team were very professional and used the same US materials that I was quotes at 3x the price.

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Fast, efficient, modern & reliable! Highly recommend this group for cost savings in a very modern office! English spoken & I do recommend!

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