Test These Remedies to Get Rid of Toothache at Night

Knowing how to get rid of a toothache can save you from spending sleepless nights in pain or stopping your everyday life.

While it’s best to visit a dentist right when you begin feeling something out of the normal in your mouth, it’s still pretty useful to know how to control pain while you wait to go to your dental appointment.

Here are some easy and effective remedies you can try to alleviate the discomfort of your toothache:

1) Medication

Ibuprofen, Advil, or naproxen could do a great and effective job of eliminating or minimizing the pain. Follow the dosage instructions of the package. If the pain doesn’t go away, call your dentist for other more effective alternatives.

2) Topical anesthetic

Applying an over-the-counter anesthetic gel or liquid is probably the quickest way to stop a toothache. However, you can’t rely quite much on it since the numbing effects can wear away in a short period.

3) Rinse with saltwater

In a warm cup of water, pour one spoon of salt. Don’t be shy with the salt. Stir it until it dissolves well, and then swish it around gently in your mouth to get rid of all the bacteria. 

A saltwater rinse can also help you reduce swelling and clean out any infection that you have.

4) Ice pack

Wrap the ice pack in a small towel or a piece of linen. Then, for around 30 minutes, apply ice to the aching area of your mouth.

For a short time, ice will do an excellent job of numbing the pain.

Make sure to be checking up on your skin every thirty seconds or so. Remove it altogether if you notice a burning sensation or if you see some blistering of your skin.

5) Peppermint tea or oil

Peppermint, like saltwater, is an effective antibacterial. This fresh ingredient could also help you reduce aching sensations in the injured place.

Place a cool peppermint tea bag or a piece of cotton soaked in peppermint oil where the pain is. It should produce a numbing effect, and you should feel some relief.

6) Hydrogen peroxide

You can buy hydrogen peroxide at any pharmacy, and it can help with symptoms of periodontitis or gum disease by controlling the formation of plaque in your teeth. It should also be useful for gum bleeding and infection.

You can use it as a rinse by diluting it with equal parts of water. Swish the mix around in your mouth for a few seconds and spit it out. Be careful not to swallow it.

7) Tumeric paste

Turmeric is a spice known for giving curry that strong yellow color. However, this spice is also incredibly beneficial for the human body. 

It contains a substance called curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help ease your toothache.

Make a paste with some turmeric powder and water and apply it to the tooth where you feel discomfort. 

What Could Be Causing Your Toothache?

There are several reasons why one of your teeth could be aching, and because of that, you should consult a dentist to know for sure what is going on.

 They can tell you how to get rid of toothache in the most effective, long-term way.

Here are some of the reasons why you may have tooth pain, keep reading and find out if you can identify some of the symptoms in yourself:

  • Decay

Most people tend not to notice cavities until they have worsened up. There’s a chance you could have a large cavity that is touching the nerve of your tooth. This is usually very painful when chewing food and also causes a sensitivity that is hard to ignore.

  • Injury

Maybe you got into a fight or accidentally chew on something too hard for your enamel to handle. 

If you recently suffered any type of trauma in your mouth, that could probably be the cause of a fracture or other type of damage to your tooth.

  • Tooth abscess

An abscess is an infection in your tooth due to untreated, deep cavities, gum disease, or cracked teeth. Some of the symptoms are bad breath, weird taste (because of pus), sensitivity, or severe pain.

Believe me, it’s better to get an abscess treated when the infection is minor. If you wait until the pain grows worse, it will only cost you more money and discomfort.

  • Wisdom teeth

Many aren’t lucky enough to have enough space for their wisdom teeth to come painlessly and flawlessly. It’s possible that your wisdom teeth are making their way out and that you don’t have enough space for them.

As a result, you can have pain and inflammation from the pressure they apply to your other teeth.

  • Faulty dental crown or filling

Remember that dental restorations are there to protect your tooth from being exposed to bacteria and other harmful stuff. 

But if your crown or dental filling is loose, the nerve of your tooth can be affected once again by external factors, which can cause you a great deal of sensitivity.

  • Bruxism 

There’s a possibility you grind your teeth. This condition can affect you unexpectedly. You might not even be aware that you have it. 

Normally, people tend to grind their teeth at night, but it can also happen during the day in moments where you’re under stress. This can also be a source of pain.

Get Emergency Dental Care in Tijuana

Remedies and medications will only do so much for you. 

At the end of the day, if there’s something in your mouth that keeps bothering you, no matter how much you try to treat it at home or ignore it, you should visit a professional to get a permanent solution.

If you’re hesitating to consult a dentist because you can’t find one that fits your financial and oral health needs, consider visiting Tijuana, Mexico, for dental care. 

We’ll connect you with some of the best Tijuana dentists. Whether you’re having an emergency or you’re looking to transform your smile, you’ll meet with a prepared and experienced dental team.

Contact us and find out the best way on how to get rid of toothache to go back to your usual routine. 



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