Root Canal Treatment and its Dependence on Dental Crowns

Almost everyone in the world cares about their appearance. And since our smile is an important part of it, we can’t ignore it. But, unfortunately, many people… no, thousands of people do. That’s why dentists exist.

So if you suspect or are confident that you’ll need a root canal, then you should be informed that there’s a good chance you’ll need a dental crown.

But don’t worry, it’s not bad news. You don’t want to walk around with a fragile drilled tooth that could become infected at any time, do you?

Let’s explain this topic a bit more so you can see the big picture and understand what a root canal involves.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy allows dentists to restore teeth that are infected or have decayed pulp and requires direct drilling and cleaning from the inside.

We know it sounds painful, but don’t be too quick to judge. This actually a straightforward procedure and relatively painless.

After root canal therapy, the tooth structure becomes fragile or severely damaged. Because of that, it needs dental reinforcement.

The use of a dental crown after a root canal strengthens the tooth and restores its health and function. 

Despite the fact that a dental crown is not needed after every root canal procedure, it is still important to reinforce the tooth.

The tooth has to be drilled to reach the infection. Besides, before the procedure, the tooth is most likely already weakened due to decay or infection. 

Therefore, the tooth structure may not be as strong as it was at the end of the therapy and may have a missing part. Everyday functions, such as eating and speaking, can easily be affected. 

And we can’t predict the future, but we’re pretty sure that’s just going to be a pain to deal with.

To prevent this, you can get a dental crown over the affected tooth to protect it and prevent fractures or chips.

5 Ways a Dental Crown Protects Your Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

1- Keeping a weak tooth safe

Because of perforation, decay, or infection, a tooth may become more fragile after root canal treatment. As a result, a solid dental crown may be used to protect the tooth against further damage. Enabling the patient to eat without pain and get through their daily life

2-Avoid sensitivity.

After root canal treatment, the nerves inside the tooth become much more sensitive to heat and cold, which can be intensely uncomfortable. A dental crown will help you block this odd sensation in this situation.

3-Anti-infection protection

The affected tooth surface becomes much more susceptible to infection and contamination after a root canal treatment. A dental crown protects the tooth from harmful leaks, avoiding recontamination and the need for extraction.

4-Keep your natural smile

A dental crown restores the function of a tooth and rebuilds the natural appearance of the tooth. The crowns are made to order. They’re made to fit the shape, structure, and color of the rest of your teeth.

3 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Dental Crown

Dentist in Tijuana

1- Avoid sticky and chewy foods.

Foods like gum, for instance, can result in the crown falling out. You should have in mind that teeth become quite fragile when a crown has just been placed. If the gums haven’t completed their heal process and the crown is worn or damaged, the crown may become infected. You should stay away from this at all costs.

2- Try to avoid using the crowned tooth as much as possible.

It’s better if you don’t use the jaw’s side where the crown is until it has completely healed. To protect your new tooth, chew on the opposite side of your jaw. You can use it after it has recovered and is sturdy and solid.

3- Gently brush your dental crown.

Brushing your teeth with a stiff brush should be done after some time has passed. Brush the non-crown part of your teeth for hygiene and breath freshening. Brushing the tongue is the most critical step in maintaining fresh breath.

2 Types of Dental Crowns 

When it comes to dental crowns, it’s all about the materials they’re made of. There are a variety of options available, ranging from gold to resin. 

However, you should choose the one that is most appropriate for your situation. We’ll go over the different kinds of high-quality crowns that are currently available with your Tijuana Dentist.

Zirconia crown: This crown is named after the ceramic-like material (zirconia), which is by far the best choice for artificial teeth due to its strength, durability, and realistic appearance. It doesn’t harm the human body and, unlike other materials, does not necessitate extensive tooth preparation.

E-Max crown: this type of crown is unrivaled in its ability to mimic natural teeth’ appearance. Lithium disilicate glass (a combination of various elements such as quartz, potassium oxide, and so on) is the material used, making it a very durable and resistant choice. However, because of their thin application, they are usually best for front teeth.

When you get a root canal with a Tijuana dentist, you will save time and money as well. You can purchase One-Visit Porcelain Crowns for up to 75% less.

Friendly, effective, and professional dental care is right at your fingertips. Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive the care your smile has always deserved.

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