What Is A Flipper Tooth? Here All you Need to Know About This!

A flipper tooth has a very straightforward goal to provide a temporary solution for missing teeth in the mouth. They are an affordable alternative that can treat tooth loss for a temporary period or for an indefinite amount of time, depending on what the patient decides and what the dentist recommends.

Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, including:

  1. Tooth decay or an accident 
  2. Dental implants
  3. Bone grafts
  4. Other dental treatments or operations

The patient can use a flipper tooth when they’re missing a tooth because missing teeth can lead to difficulty chewing or speaking.

Having a gap in your smile can make anyone withhold their smile. It is important to know that there are numerous dental operations or restorers for a missing tooth; including various benefits, the patient might not know before proceeding with the treatment.

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It works in various ways, from improving the appearance of your smile to your overall health. Flipper tooth dentures provide that extra support your mouth needs and help stabilize your surrounding teeth.

A flipper tooth allows you to smile much more comfortable when in public. Dental flippers are relatively common dental alternatives for missing teeth.

One beneficial aspect that accompanies a flipper tooth is that these dentures can be removed. Dentists recommend this excellent alternative and implement them for temporary use if you have one or more missing teeth.

Dental offices make dentures out of acrylic. This means they can closely match and even replicate the exact appearance of various sides of the mouth and teeth, closely resembling your gums and providing extra support for the replacement tooth or teeth.


What Are the Benefits of A Flipper Tooth?

The following are ways in which a flipper tooth can help your mouth:

  1. Flipper’s teeth are effortless to make, and you can expect to use these dentures one or two days after visiting the dental office. 
  2. They fit into the inexpensive dental treatments. They’re cheaper than other restorations alternatives.
  3. Their appearance provides a comfortable fit and better looks, thanks to its unique design. Allowing it to add more teeth to the same denture in case the patient requires it. Some patients believe these dentures to be much more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable than others.
  4. When it comes to convenience, dental flippers are the most convenient temporary alternative in dentistry. They are straightforward to insert into your mouth, and you can easily take them out before flossing and brushing, including nightly cleaning.
  5. These tiny devices can stabilize the surrounding teeth keeping them from moving around the gap to prevent future shifting.
  6. Many patients with traditional dentures or other temporary dentures have to remove them before eating, but you can expect to eat with them set in place with dental flippers. 
  7. Dental flippers improve your smile’s appearance by filling in the gaps where you are in between your teeth, so there is a very visibly small gap. 

In other words, although they might be a temporary solution, they can still bring you some benefits in the process.

And if you think this is the best solution for your teeth, make sure to ask the opinion of a professional first to ensure you are the right candidate for it, and it’ll work for you.

How To Care for A Flipper Tooth

Even though many may think that cleaning and taking proper care of their tooth flipper denture is similar to traditional dentures, maintaining a flipper tooth clean is quite simple.

These only contain one tooth or the number of teeth the patient needs.

A traditional denture contains a full set of teeth, which requires much more care. You have to place them in a glass of water just like a flipper tooth.

cleaning dentures
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The user may also need to mix the water with vinegar or other liquid products that may help reduce the chance of developing harmful bacteria in traditional dentures.

In most cases, the flipper tooth device only has one tooth. Thus, taking care of the denture results in a much easier task. Dentists recommend removing the flipper at night and scrubbing it with regular dish soap.

Using Regular Toothpaste may Harm the Denture

Using regular toothpaste may harm the denture by scraping it or potentially damaging the device altogether. 

Dentists also recommend leaving the denture in a glass of water with an antibacterial denture tablet or antifungal tablet that helps the denture stay humid and prevent it from drying up; You can proceed by placing the denture back in your mouth in the morning.

You should also clean the denture before and after meals. This way, you’ll prevent it from developing harmful bacteria that could deteriorate the device and reduce its effectiveness and functionality.    

It would be best if you tried visiting the dental office at least two times a year to allow your dentist to keep an eye out for the dentures’ overall functionality. They can adjust the device if it requires changing or a possible replacement if the patient needs it. 

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