10 Tasty Foods to Eat After a Tooth Extraction

What to eat after a tooth extraction? At some point in our lives, we’re all going to go through a tooth extraction. The most common cause is wisdom teeth. But you might still need one if you have braces or if you have a very damaged tooth or infection.

Of course, we’re all going to be disappointed when the dentist tells us that we won’t be able to enjoy our favorite foods for a while. So we might need a little inspiration on what to eat after tooth extraction. 

Besides, it’s still crucial that you continue to get the best nutrients while recovering, which will help minimize the risk of any complications.  

That’s why we took the task to find some of the best foods you can enjoy without hurting any sensitive areas of the surgery.

1.- Broths


This is probably recommended everywhere. But it’s because it is really a great option. Broths are delicious and have the capability of keeping you hydrated. 

It’ll be even better if you try to make your own instead of buying it (but of course, that is also an option).

 All you have to do is simmer some meat in water along with vegetables. You can also opt to just use vegetables, and you will still get a flavorful outcome. Just make sure to eat it cold or warm, as it could irritate the wound if it’s too hot.

2.- Cheese


Various types of cheeses contain probiotics that will be very beneficial to your body and teeth. 

Some probiotics will fight against the bacteria that cause cavities in our mouth. Probiotics can also prevent multiple conditions like diarrhea, ulcers, and urinary tract infections, among others.

In this case, cottage cheese is the most recommended because it’s known for having essential nutrients and being available in a number of varieties, like size or levels of milk.

So if you’re looking for what to eat after a tooth extraction, you can cut a few pieces of soft, creamy cottage cheese or shredded cheese and enjoy!

3.- Eggs


If you’re looking for a source of high-quality protein. Eggs will do just fine. Stir some eggs until they’re firm, and you’ll get warm, soft, delicious scrambled eggs. Easy to eat and to combine.

Yes, you can throw a little bit of cheese on top, maybe some avocado, or mix them with veggies to make it more interesting and cream to make them even softer.

4.- Ice cream

ice cream

Now, eating ice cream is very much allowed. However, you must be careful with the sugar it contains. Remember, sugar is like a feast for bacteria in your mouth, so it can contribute to causing further damage to your teeth. 

You should also have in mind that eating ice cream very frequently might not be the best nutritious choice, but you can still enjoy it from now and then.

 Ice cream acts like a cold compress that reduces swelling in the wound area, so it is best to eat it within the first 24 hours after the procedure.

5.- Avocado


Most people love this fruit, and if you’re one of them, it is our pleasure to inform you that avocados are very safe to eat after tooth extraction. 

They have a delicious creamy texture that allows you to prepare them and combine them in different ways. You can mash them and create delicious guacamole or just put them next to your scrambled eggs. 

Avocados have a thumbs up when it comes to nutrients. They contain the right number o vitamins and healthy fats, so they’ll be a beneficial addition to your diet while you recover.

6.- Greek Yogurt 

greek yogurt

This can be an excellent alternative to ice cream. Greek yogurt is super creamy and soft, so it’s effortless to swallow. 

It contains protein, vitamins, and minerals that will aid in having a quicker recovery process.

7.- Oatmeal

This one is best is to consume after a few days of the extraction. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods out there, and it can also be a great option during the healing period. 

Instant oatmeal oats can contribute to your diet with calcium, potassium, fiber, and numerous vitamins. You should also make sure to eat it warm or cold, so it won’t irritate the wound.

8.- Soft cakes

Well, isn’t it nice to have a little treat? Cheesecakes and pudding are among some of the delicious desserts you can enjoy. 

These creamy soft cakes are easy to swallow and can give you a moment to rest from all the liquid foods. Still, make sure to not eat it as an everyday thing, just like ice cream, cause it might not be the best for your diet

9.- Smoothies

Smoothies are great after this type of procedure. You can combine so many different things depending on what you like and what you need, and still get a very tasty and healthy result. 

You can include some protein into your smoothies to make them even more favorable to your recovery process. So, try not to skip protein powder and vegetables when you make them. Avoid seeds and don’t use straws to enjoy your smoothie. 

10.- Mashed potatoes

Potatoes are something almost everyone will have in their kitchen. If you do, grab some and get to work. They’ll do a great job complementing your diet, as they contain calories and various nutrients that will be very necessary. 

You can also add other ingredients to your mashed potatoes to make them more flavorful. But make sure they are correctly mashed and that you eat them warm or cold to protect the extraction area.

Foods to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction 

This part is crucial. When you’re looking at what to eat after a tooth extraction, you should try to stay away from certain foods that could potentially irritate or hurt the extraction area.

Generally, you should avoid eating spicy, crunchy, and chewy foods. This includes a wide variety of snacks and food that we love to eat every single day. Things like cookies and chips can get stuck in the wound area and be very hard to remove, in addition to the disruption to the healing process.

Alcoholic beverages must be avoided as well as grains and seeds, for the same reasons mentioned above.

The way you will care for yourself after a procedure like this will be fundamental to the extraction success.

 It is important to maintain a healthy diet while still being careful not to harm your wounds. Hopefully, the information you found on this blog will make you realize you can still enjoy delicious food even if you can’t eat what you usually do. 

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